Spring Cleansing: For Your Face


Whenever spring comes around, I’m sure lots of us get some serious Spring cleaning done. But we may neglect one very important place to deep clean: our skin! Given this  blog has an emphasis on the face, we will focus mostly on deep cleaning the face. But I’ll have a post about the rest of the body as well.

Having a clean face is very important in having healthy skin. Once I learned how to properly wash my face, I realized how important it was. Not only it removes all the dirt, grime and toxins but it also allows our skin to breathe and absorb whatever skincare product we put on.

To help you with your Spring Cleaning, I decided to make a series of products, tools and methods on how to deep clean your face. Since I am a big believer of DIY products, I’ll try to have a DIY version of each topic covered :]

I will update the links as I upload the blog posts. So please save this page and check it out when it is done! There’s a lot so just bear with me, it may take awhile!

*Double cleansing -Why it is important? How does it work?

*Favorite Oil cleansers

*Favorite Foam cleaners

*Favorite All-In-One cleansers

*Different type of facial cleansing tools

*Exfoliation: Manual vs Chemical

*Favorite Manual Exfoliate

*Favorite Chemical Exfoliate

*Facial Detox: Clay, Charcoal, Peel off Masks

*Hair: Shampoos



**Disclaimer: this is may not work for everyone. This is just from my own experience. For reference: I have dehydrated oily skin with occasional breakout from hormones and certain foods. I also have issues with clogged pores due to enlarge pore size from old acne scars.


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