Double Cleansing: My Skin Biggest Game Changer

Double cleansing has been one of the biggest game changer in my skin care routine. I do not know why it took us so long to realize stripping our skin with harsh cleansers was a bad idea. But my skin is forever in debt to whoever thought of double cleansing! *bows down* In fact I always look forward to cleansing my face; it is my favorite part of my skincare routine.

When you think about it, cleansers in general (not just our skin), we use like to remove like. For example if you wanted to remove a sharpie mark (which is oil based), you would use oil to remove it. Scrubbing it with water or water-based cleanser is not going to work. The same idea applies to our skin. We can use like (oil) to remove the oils on our face. Oils such oil-based makeup, sebum and all the dirt and grime mixed with it.

Oil cleansing can sound scary to someone with oily skin. I have extremely oily skin and it took me awhile to venture into oil cleansing. I was worried about it making my skin oilier; causing more clogged pores, blackheads and acne. Those of which is already my worst ongoing skin nightmare.  However the effects of oil cleansing is the complete opposite. When you first massage the oil into your skin, you actually loosen those clogged pores. From my own experience, it literally feels like you are hydrating those clogged pore to loosen them. Kind of like when you are washing the stove and there’s that gross black gunk that has dried up since the beginning of time. To remove that black gunk, you first have to hydrate it to lift it off the stove. Yes I am describing my clogged pores as that black gunk. It’s really not that different, both equally as annoying.

If you have as many big clogged pores as me, the first time you oil cleanse, you will feel little harden beads surfacing as you massage  your face with the oil. Those are harden keratin and sebum mixed with dead skin, bacteria, dirt, makeup and whatever grime caught in your pore that has oxidized over time. It is super satisfying for me to see/feel all those harden beads. It means they are coming out and my pores are being unclogged!!

Oil Cleansing is a step I never skip. One it helps keep my pores clean and this is the step where I do a bit of facial massage. I would go more in detail when I talk about cleansing tools. Since you have to massage the oil into your skin, might as well make it into a facial massage to reduce your stress and help improve circulation to help maintain youthful skin. I am an acupuncturist that specializes in cosmetic acupuncture so I am all for facial acupressure.

Then as the name implies, you follow with a second cleanse. This is commonly a foaming cleanser, but your “typical” cleanser works fine. This step is to remove the oil residue of the first cleanser and to further clean your skin.

The double cleansing process is going to be different for everyone. Some people would be able to double cleanse with a variety of different combinations, while some will require a lot of trial and error before finding the right products. However the process is worth it. My skin has never felt so clean and renewed. Overall my pore size seems smaller because they are no longer clogged!




7 thoughts on “Double Cleansing: My Skin Biggest Game Changer

  1. I love double cleansing, too, and just discovered it when I got into K-beauty. I mean, I vaguely knew about it before but thought it sounded like too much work. Now it’s a nice retreat to spend some time massaging my face and feeling everything melt off. –Angela

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