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My name is Emily and I am a 28 year old acupuncturist with way too many obsessions. This blog is really a place where I would love to share my obsessions with other like-minded individuals. I know most people describe what they like to do on their free time as hobbies but once I am interested I just dive right in. Obsessions or fanatic just describe it more accurately.

So what is it that I am obsessed with? Let’s see… I LOVE skin care! I had struggled with various stages of horrible skin (read about my skin story here) so I love finding new products. One of my dreams to create my own skincare line to help as many people as possible!

Oh and Hello Kitty to the point it makes you nauseous. I believe some people actually think I live in a Hello Kitty house. Although that does not seem like a bad idea….

In whatever free time I have, I am crafting. I really try to DIY everything possible, even if it means it becomes a nightmare (which happens too often). My favorite craft activities include jewelry making, scrapbooking, making polymer clay figurines and DIY home décor.

I feel like DIY and cooking goes hand-in-hand with each other. I like eating out and trying new food. But I love trying to re-create it at home with my own twist. It just gives me so much satisfaction to cook a nice meal. As an acupuncturist I may insert a few Chinese Medicine food tips here and there but mostly will be contained on my professional page here.

I also have grey kitten name Mew Mew and Holland lop rabbit name Toffee. They both don’t like to sit still for pictures but on those rare occasions they do, they will grace my instagram.



I want to thank everyone who followed me from before. All health related posts are now on my professional page: http://www.emilyyuenacupuncture.com/ It has more information about what I do as an acupuncturist and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!!

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Emily!
    My Name is Carolina and I would like to have your beauty cream but I dont Know how to do it.
    I would like te show here in Chile your brand and maybe sell them too.
    thank you so much.
    wating for your answer.
    Carolina Guzmán


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