Oil Cleanser Favorites: Pond, Botanic Farm, RE:CIPE, Ciracle, DIY


Yay today we are going to talk about my favorite part of my skin care routine: Oil Cleansers! As I said in my previous post, oil cleansers are the biggest game changer in my routine. It keeps my pores clean and appears smaller over time. No matter how tired I am, this is the one step in my routine I never skip. People asks me all the time what skin products to use, I always recommend having an amazing cleaning routine down first. No matter how effective your fancy serums and creams are, they can’t do much if your face is all clogged up with grime.

Oil cleansers comes in two forms: a balm form and a liquid form. From my experience the solid form is more effective in deep cleaning while the liquid form is useful for everyday cleaning. I personally alternate between the two depending on the amount of makeup/grime on my face.

My most trusty balm cleansers are Botanic Farm and Pond’s Cold Cream. These deep cleansers are also great at removing makeup. Particularly useful to remove waterproof makeup and sunscreen. To be honest, as a skincare fanatic I have a really big confession to make: I do not always wear sunscreen. I know, it’s blasphemy! But sunscreens clogged my pores then cause the annoying process of breakouts and possible new scars. However ever since I added oil cleansing, I can use sunscreen much more often.


Pond’s Cold Cream has been around for ages. There’s a good reason why, it effectively removes most stubborn waterproof makeup while moisturizing your skin. Personally I dislike having an extra step to just remove my makeup so my oil cleansing step has to be able to. I always forget about using my makeup remover because it did not fit in my showering routine. After all I do not keep cotton balls inside my shower and it is a hassle to throw it away once I am inside the shower. So Pond’s fits that critera for me.

I know lots of oil skin gals (and gents) might shy away from Pond’s Cold Cream because of the heaviness and high mineral oil content. However remember you will be washing it off with a foam cleanser. Plus if you have been trying to lower your oil production most likely you have oily dehydrated skin. But that being said, this product is amazing for dry skin.

How to use: Apply a small amount directly on dry face. Very little goes a long way. I had my Cold Cream for ages and is now just starting to hit bottom. Focus on areas where you have makeup and dry skin. Massage into your face for a few minutes then if possible wipe off excess with a towel. Follow up with a foam cleanser.

Pro: moisturizing (great for dry skin but suitable for all skin types), removes stubborn makeup, lasts forever, cheap, easy to obtain

Con: Jar form, I personally would transfer it into a pump bottle.

Where to buy: Target, Walgreens, Rite Aide, any drugstore


Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet is my personal favorite solid oil cleanser. It very effectively removes all my makeup, including my Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow , Heroine Make Mascara, and Lip Tattoos. It also leaves my skin feeling cleaner and moisturized. This cleansing sherbet has a brightening ingredients such as sake extract, rice bran and lactobacillus/soybean extract. My skin does look more even however the brightening effects are not remarkable.

How to use: Apply a generous amount on dry face. Focus on problematic areas like areas with more clogged pores, makeup etc. The solid form will “melt” and become liquid. Then wet your hands to emulsify the product. Follow with a foam cleanser. My favorite way of using this product is for my “deep cleaning”. On a clean face (no makeup or sunscreen) I would apply a generous amount all over the face. I would massage into my skin and leave on for about 10-30 minutes. Then I would follow up with my massage. This is when those harden beads of sebum/keratin/dead skin/bacteria/etc will loosen and come out. Super satisfying! Then emulsify with water and follow up with a foam cleanser.

To be honest, many times I do not even follow up with a foam cleanser when I am lazy. This product is just that amazing. I like oil cleansers that emulsify for that reason.

Pro: removes tough makeup, able to unclog pores, emulsifies

Con: jar form, harder to obtain, more expensive, no dramatic brightening properties

Where to buy: Memebox (see bottom for coupon code for 1st purchase), Amazon

Now onto liquid oil cleansers! There are two that I like so far: RE:CIPE Rose Petal Cleansing Oil and Ciracle Absolute Deep Cleansing Oil. I personally love these two because they do not irritate my skin and leave my skin quite clean. I use liquid cleansing oil on days where I do not where any makeup or hard to remove sunscreen. I think Korean Cleansing Oils has revolutionized oil cleansing. Their oil cleansers emulsifies so that it does not leave an oily residue. It’s absolutely amazing!


RE:CIPE Rose Petal Cleansing Oil contains Bulgarian Damask Rose extract, rose hip oil, macadamia seed oil and jojoba oil which makes this product feel and smell super luxurious. I love the smell of real roses and this smells exactly like that, not synthetic. This product is facial cleanser and aromatherapy all-in-one. It is super relaxing if I use it after a long day of work.

How to use: Pump 1-2 pumps into your hand. Massage onto dry face. Focus on problematic areas such as nose, chin and forehead. After a few minutes of massage, wet your hands to emulsify the product. Rinse and follow with your foam cleanser.

Pro: smells amazing, hydrating, in pump form, emulsifies well, great for all skin type, even oily

Con: does not remove stubborn makeup, pumps “aggressively” (it sprays out, I always seems to get it everywhere)

Where to buy: Memebox, MishiBox, ViaSeoul

Ciracle Absolute Deep Cleansing Oil uses Camellia Seed Oil. It is rather well known in Japanese cosmetic products, especially for hair and dry skin. This cleansing oil may not smell as good as RE:CIPE’s but it cleanses better. It does remove waterproof makeup, although not as well as Botanic’s Cleansing Sherbet.

How to use: using this is the same as RE:CIPE’s Oil cleanser. Pump 1-2 pumps into your hand. Massage onto dry face. Focus on problematic areas such as nose, chin and forehead. After a few minutes of massage, wet your hands to emulsify the product. Rinse and follow with your foam cleanser.

Pro: able to remove more waterproof makeup, more moisturizing so better with drier skin types, emulsifies well

Con: not much…but for deeper clean I use my cleansing balms more and everyday cleanse my RE:CIPE one because of the smell. But it is a great all around oil cleanser!

Where to buy: Wishtrend, Memebox, Amazon


DIY Oil Cleanser

Now we cannot end this without talking about DIYing our own Oil Cleanser right? This is great if you are just starting out to see what type of oil cleanser you would like since most of these ingredients you can find in your kitchen cabinet. Plus you can avoid any added preservatives. I started oil cleansing by making my own.

I personally like the pre-made ones because I cannot seem to make my oil cleansers emulsify. If the oil cleanser does not emulsify then it leaves an oily residue. This is fine as long as your second cleanser is able to remove it. You want to have it all remove because that oily residue has all the grime it removed but is now sitting on top of your skin.

To keep this simple, there are three base oils to use: Coconut, Castor and Olive oil. Typically Coconut oil is better for those with drier skin. Castor oil and Olive oil is more popular for oiler skin. However do not limit yourself to those criteria. Play around and see which your skin likes. I personally like Coconut oil the most. Although it is more “oily”, it gives me the deepest clean. Plus it has added benefits like anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory to help with my breakouts.

Once you figure out which you like the most, you can even add other oils to the mix like grapeseed, jojoba, camellia seed, rose hip oil etc. Just remember to avoid oils that have added ingredients like fragrance. This is really going to be a trial and error process.

How to use: you will use it the same way as store brought oil cleanser. Massage onto dry face for a few minutes. Focusing on problematic areas. Rinse with water and follow with foam cleanser. For deeper clean, leave on for 10-30 minutes. Then wash with foam cleanser.


I would love to know what is your favorite oil cleanser? Do you use store brought or DIY it yourself?


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3 thoughts on “Oil Cleanser Favorites: Pond, Botanic Farm, RE:CIPE, Ciracle, DIY

  1. Great review! I love first cleansers I can use without a second cleanser, for those days when I’m too lazy/tired to do a proper cleanse! I need to add Botanic Farm to my list of cleansers to try!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks!! I do too, laziness predominates everything lol. You should try it, I hope you like it! I also tried Banila Co Clean It Zero and Nooni Snowflake Cleanser and like Botanic Farm’s version more.


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