Foam Cleanser Favorites: Lush, Missha, Su:m37, CosRx


The second part of Double Cleansing is usually known as foam cleansing. However in reality it can be any type of water soluble cleanser. My two favorite types of water soluble cleansers are solid bar facial soap and foam cleansers. The goal of having a second cleanse is to remove the oily residue (from the Oil cleanser and grime it loosen) and water soluble grime.

Solid Bar Facial Soap

I prefer solid soaps as my second cleanse. So far that combination works best for me. It’s easy to use; I can never spill it and slip on (which is a huge plus!)

To use solid facial soaps: You do not apply it directly on your face. I put it in a foaming bag, wet my hands, lather and apply the foam on my face. I sometimes apply using my hands but mostly with a facial brush. After a minute or two I rinse with cool water.


One of my favorite one is Lush’s Fresh Faramacy. It “contains chamomile extract to calm, rose and lavender to soothe dry patches and tea tree to clear up any blemishes”. I still remember when I first used it (before I learn about double cleansing), I was so surprised how well it soothed my acne. My skin overall looked less red! I was hooked. Plus knowing they use fresh ingredients is a huge bonus.The only con is that it’s not going to be a winner with very dry skin. It is better for oily/combination skin.

Where to purchase: Lush


Another favorite of mines is Missha’s Black Ghassoul Foam Cleansing Bar. It contains Moroccan Ghassoul Clay and Hardwood Charcoal which is great when I want a deeper clean. My skin always feel softer and cleaner after. Best of all, my pores feels so much smaller after using it. I always goes back to this soap one because it works so well, and it is cheaper than Lush.

Where to purchase: Missha


I also love Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleanser Stick. (am I allowed to have so many favorites?? Hehe) It has a wonderous rose scent that smells like real roses. Using it after Re:cipe Rose Petal Oil Cleanser, it’s like a whole rose experience like I am washing my face in a rose garden. The cleanser leaves my skin so soft and clean without ever stripping my skin. I can see why this why this is a cult favorite. Plus it comes in a plastic-twist up tube, kinda of like a big chapstick, so that you never even have to get your hands wet or soapy. And it’s great for traveling; I have one in my gym bag.

To use: I just use my cleaning brush to rub directly into the soap (you can even see the indentation on mines) and and rub it directly into my face creating lather. Rinse with cool water.

Where to purchase: Memebox, Sokoglam, Amazon

Foam Cleanser

I do use foam cleanser to change up my routine when I am feeling extra oily. For some reason liquid/foam cleansers tend to leave my skin drier. My foam cleanser at the moment is CosRx Salicylic Acid Foam Cleanser. I especially love this cleanser during those special time of the month moments. It helps maintain and reduce any active breakouts.

To use: Apply foam cleanser directly onto damp brush. Move in circular motion around the face. Rinse with cool water.

Where to purchase: Memebox



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