Hot Chocolate Bar

Happy 1st Day of Winter! What better way to officiate the start of winter than a cup of hot chocolate? Having people over and enjoy hot chocolate together of course!!  Having a Hot Chocolate Bar is super easy! And a fun addition to any of your Holiday Parties. You just need a few items: A… Continue reading Hot Chocolate Bar

Holiday Photo Booth

One super easy way to elevate your party from everyone else’s is a good old photo booth.📷🎅🎄🎉 Now there’s really nothing too hard about it. Just a few items and you are ready to go. 🎀First you need a wall. It can be a plain wall or a wall with your festive decorations. Here I… Continue reading Holiday Photo Booth

Holiday DIY Gift: Custom Flower Tea Bags🌺

I am a tea-aholic. I love tea. There are endless possibilities with tea so you never get tired of it. You can drink it hot (my preference) or cold. And if you really do get bored, you can always add cream, milk and/or sugar. Plus it is a relatively healthy drink…and most are even beneficial… Continue reading Holiday DIY Gift: Custom Flower Tea Bags🌺

Holiday DIY Gift: Coffee Scrub

During the winter time, dead skin buildup is at its extreme. Why not send a yummy smelling body scrub to your love ones? Plus you most likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen cabinet! Supplies: Grind coffee, if you want less exfoliation, use finer grind..and no instant coffee!! Sugar. I prefer using brown sugar… Continue reading Holiday DIY Gift: Coffee Scrub

10 Days til Christmas Guide🎄

Since the Holidays are coming up…I wanted to come back to blogging with a little Holiday cheer. If you are as busy as I am during holiday season. Well you may not have the time to brave the over-crowded mall or spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect gift. So why not make something… Continue reading 10 Days til Christmas Guide🎄

Holiday DIY: Hot Chocolate Spoons

Yay lets make some fun festive Hot Chocolate Spoons. It only takes about 15 minutes to make these super festive spoons. You will need: Spoons Bittersweet chocolate Candy canes, crushed Wax paper First melt the chocolate in a heat safe container. It would be best to melt in a double boiler. However if you are… Continue reading Holiday DIY: Hot Chocolate Spoons

Holiday DIY Gift: Facial Steam Flowers

Series 1 for Holiday DIY Gift Ideas are Facial Steam Flowers Whether your recipient is familiar to skincare or not…this is a great gift to give anyone. Facial steams are skincare, aromatherapy and relaxation all in one cute little bundle. Depending on the ingredients, you can do let focus on skin, relaxation, health or all… Continue reading Holiday DIY Gift: Facial Steam Flowers

Valentine Pucker R.E.A.D.Y.!

Valentine’s is coming up just in a few hours and I’m sure a few of us are having butterflies! Out of the last minute pampering, nothing sounds more Valentine ready than pout perfect lips 💋💋💋 Here are a few tips to make those lips look and feel as kissable as they can be. 💋Lip scrub… Continue reading Valentine Pucker R.E.A.D.Y.!

DIY Valentine Lotion Hearts

Valentine is coming up and for those who like to DIY last minute (like me) here’s a great idea for you. Plus it requires only 2 ingredients and can be done in a few minutes. Lots of time when we think of Valentine date we think of romantic dates, getting fancy, etc. Why not take… Continue reading DIY Valentine Lotion Hearts

Beauty: Holiday Skin Cheatsheet

Holiday season can be tough on our skin. First it is cold, that bitter bone-dry wind just suck all the moisture of our skin. My nose usually just peels and peels like snake. Plus going out to holiday parties drinking, eating not the best food possible, and staying up late does not help at all.… Continue reading Beauty: Holiday Skin Cheatsheet