Hot Chocolate Bar

Happy 1st Day of Winter! What better way to officiate the start of winter than a cup of hot chocolate? Having people over and enjoy hot chocolate together of course!!  Having a Hot Chocolate Bar is super easy! And a fun addition to any of your Holiday Parties. You just need a few items: A… Continue reading Hot Chocolate Bar

Holiday Photo Booth

One super easy way to elevate your party from everyone else’s is a good old photo booth.📷🎅🎄🎉 Now there’s really nothing too hard about it. Just a few items and you are ready to go. 🎀First you need a wall. It can be a plain wall or a wall with your festive decorations. Here I… Continue reading Holiday Photo Booth

Holiday DIY Gift: Coffee Scrub

During the winter time, dead skin buildup is at its extreme. Why not send a yummy smelling body scrub to your love ones? Plus you most likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen cabinet! Supplies: Grind coffee, if you want less exfoliation, use finer grind..and no instant coffee!! Sugar. I prefer using brown sugar… Continue reading Holiday DIY Gift: Coffee Scrub