10 Days til Christmas Guide🎄

Since the Holidays are coming up…I wanted to come back to blogging with a little Holiday cheer. If you are as busy as I am during holiday season. Well you may not have the time to brave the over-crowded mall or spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect gift. So why not make something… Continue reading 10 Days til Christmas Guide🎄

Holiday DIY: Hot Chocolate Spoons

Yay lets make some fun festive Hot Chocolate Spoons. It only takes about 15 minutes to make these super festive spoons. You will need: Spoons Bittersweet chocolate Candy canes, crushed Wax paper First melt the chocolate in a heat safe container. It would be best to melt in a double boiler. However if you are… Continue reading Holiday DIY: Hot Chocolate Spoons

Holiday DIY Gift: Facial Steam Flowers

Series 1 for Holiday DIY Gift Ideas are Facial Steam Flowers Whether your recipient is familiar to skincare or not…this is a great gift to give anyone. Facial steams are skincare, aromatherapy and relaxation all in one cute little bundle. Depending on the ingredients, you can do let focus on skin, relaxation, health or all… Continue reading Holiday DIY Gift: Facial Steam Flowers

Secret Key Blackout Pore Minimizing Pack VS Tosowoong Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack

I am a sucker for pore/sebum control products. Whenever I hear those words, I know I need to have it! I was in a market for a new wash off pack so when I found out about products Secret Key Blackout Pore Minimizing Pack and Tosowoong Miracle Skin Pore Tightening Pack I brought it right away. I thought it would be fun to compare the two since they are marketed to do similar things. I used the Tosowoong on my left side and Secret Key on my right. Initially I wanted to only do it for 3 days, but I ended up loving it so much that I extending it to 1.5 weeks (10 days).

Favorite Body Cleanser: Body Wash and Peeling Gel

1) EO Shower Gel- I love how this is scented with essential oils so not only it smells amazing and have added skin benefits.✨✨✨ It comes in so many different flavors so there is one you are bound to like. This is one of the few bath products that both me and my bf loves… Continue reading Favorite Body Cleanser: Body Wash and Peeling Gel

Favorite Shampoos:Reen Yungo, Shiseido Tsubaki

I have used so many different shampoos. I used store brought, fancy salon quality, and even DIY my own. But nothing seems to compare to AB shampoos. But my criteria is high: It has to be gentle but with high cleansing power. I have oily but super fine hair so it’s easily damaged. Plus I… Continue reading Favorite Shampoos:Reen Yungo, Shiseido Tsubaki