How To Use a Jade Roller… And Facial Acupressure Points

I love using my jade roller. It is a great tool to massage and stimulate acupuncture points on your face. It can help tone your skin thus providing a younger appearance. But it can also help relax your muscle for pain…and to prevent/reduce wrinkles. I love jade rollers beyond beauty reasons. I also teach my stroke, bells palsy and facial pain patients how to incorporate using a Jade Roller as a treatment method.

Many of you had questions about how to use a Jade Roller. So I made a simple animation awhile back showing you how to use it. You start from the center going out.  You start from between eyebrow to hairline. Then midhair line to end of hairline. Then go from undereye to temples. Then from nose to front of ears. Then corner of mouth. To front of ears. Then from chin to front of ears. Then repeat on the other side👍

As I said earlier…facial acupuncture and acupressure can help with many things beyond beauty. Here are a simple overview of the major facial acupuncture points and what they can do. 

*misspelling in video: Yin Yang is suppose to be Yin Tang! Opps!😇

As you can see it can help with much more than just toning and stimulating collagen (I mean that’s pretty awesome too lol😂). I love using my jade roller right before sleeping🌙. I put on all my products and use it to “roll” my products in. So I get stimulating effects while giving myself a nice facial massage prepping me to sleep.😴 It feels wonderful!

OH! Since its allergies season🌸🌹🌻🍃…this may benefit many of you. Using a Jade Roller can also reduce your allergy symptoms… Especially sinus headaches. When my allergies are bother me in the morning…I do a quick routine with my Jade Roller and it helps. In a pinch just tapping these points will help…would you want a video on how to do facial massage? Let me know in the comments⬇

Hope you enjoy these simple animations! Let me know if you want more posts like this…or if you have any questions.😘💕

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