New Blog Direction (and a ton of rambling)

Ok..Let’s be honest. I am a terrible blogger. So far I am one that would blog ambitiously for a few weeks then disappear for the next few. Obviously this is not working so what is next?

Here’s a silly picture to lighten the mood

I will be super ambitious and revamp the whole site (again…haha old habits die hard 0:)). I intially started this blog as a creative outlet for me, mostly about crafting and beauty. Then realizing how bad I am with writing instructions, I ended up focusing more on skincare. My main objective stemmed from my own skin experiences. I had a very rough skin journey and really would love to be able to help others on a similar path. Plus reviewing new products is always super fun! And I do post quite regularly…just on Instagram. Their user platform is just easier for mobile posting.

Being part of the IG #ABcommunity is amazing! I immediately felt at home and I love being able to interact with so many liked minded individuals. We supported each other’s skincare journey and the daily posting really pushed me to take care of my skin on a daily basis.

(You can check it my IG here)

This was great for a few months until I started to find IG a bit limiting. (BTW I get bored really easily!) I did not like how they have a low character count limit, limited editing and all the things I missed about blogging. But the ease of daily posting still kept me there.

Then IG Stories came along and I started to share other aspects of my life. Truthfully I never thought anyone would want to see them. But the numbers of views grew and more and more people commented on them. That felt oddly refreshing and then it clicked. I missed talking about things other than skincare. (Hahaha although my friends and family would say I can never shut up about skincare).

SO this new direction is now just going to be a bunch of random posts about all aspects of my life until I get bored once again lol. So please welcome the new “Emilys Daily…the Ramblings of this Common Girl’s Life”. To give you a bit of a warning…it will get a bit dark for a post or two. I want to have a few heart-to-heart posts😘💕

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