​Bonvivant Anti-Gravity Contour Massage Stick First Impression

This is my first time doing this kind of post..tell me how you like it.

This stick is suppose to help with wrinkles, pores and swelling of the face.😍😍 It is also supposed to give a radiant and youthful glow✨🌟✨You can tell how excited I was to try it lol😂

For some reason when I got this, I was thinking of that crazy Anti-Gravity stick that was popular a while back. This is not that at all!😒😒 I should had read the description and not fell for the name😣

The stick balm is so hard to apply and it kept tugging on my skin😱😱 You can even see my skin turn red from it!! It literally felt like I was rubbing a huge chapstick on my face.

I didn’t see a huge effect in terms of reducing appearance of wrinkles and pores. The only wrinkle I have is under my eyes and it did not change much. It didn’t even hydrate it😒 It left a very waxy feeling on my face that reminds me of silcone primers. To me it seems like this balm filled in my pores and maybe give a smoother canvas for makeup?💄 I used it before sleeping so I have to try again to see how this work under makeup. I ended up washing it off because I kept thinking I had makeup on. Next time I’ll stick with just one layer. The packaging recommends 2-3 layers.

I will try this again..but so far it is disappointing😞😞 If you have super dry skin.. You may enjoy this balm waxy feeling to soothe dry skin

One thought on “​Bonvivant Anti-Gravity Contour Massage Stick First Impression

  1. awesomely thorough review! too bad this product was not stellar – i usually love bonvivant products. Seems like the packaging might be good for travel, though? I love how you annotate your images – it’s so helpful. keep up the great work!


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