Holiday Photo Booth

One super easy way to elevate your party from everyone else’s is a good old photo booth.📷🎅🎄🎉 Now there’s really nothing too hard about it. Just a few items and you are ready to go.

🎀First you need a wall. It can be a plain wall or a wall with your festive decorations. Here I decorated my plain wall with handmade ornaments. But a nice plain wall works just as well.👍 If you want to decorate your wall…but short on time and budget. Go and get a table cloth and tape it across your wall. Voila!! Cheap plastic ones works very well because they are super light and easy to hang. You can use festive printed one for extra fun!💕

🎀Photo booth props. These can be anything! My favorite ones are actually Santa Hats, Reindeer Horns and silly headbands all brought from the dollar store.🎅🎉 I also really like the printed cardboard on a stick. You can find them at any local craft store, Target, and even Walgreens. If you are super creative you can even just cut it out from cardstock and tape it on a dowel. It can be as simple as writing “Merry Christmas 2016” on cardstock. I just put them all on a tray and instantly have a cute little Photo booth station.

🎀Now this is optional since everyone has a camera on their phone these days.. But for extra can have a Polaroid camera ready or a instant digital printer. I have both a Fuijifilm Instanx and Polaroid Z2300. I personally like using the Polaroid one more so I can print mulitiple copies and get a digital copy to share. Trust me…everyone wants a copy! I also been having my eye on their photo printer so we can even do fun things to the photo before printing them out. Kinda like professional photobooths. 

Some pictures silly photo booth pictures when my relatives drop in for Holiday Brunch. With a digital printer you can even print it in these fun templates!

Hope this guide shows you how easy it is to add a photo booth to your holiday party. Have fun🎉🎉🎉

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