Holiday DIY Gift: Custom Flower Tea Bags🌺

I am a tea-aholic. I love tea. There are endless possibilities with tea so you never get tired of it. You can drink it hot (my preference) or cold. And if you really do get bored, you can always add cream, milk and/or sugar. Plus it is a relatively healthy drink…and most are even beneficial to your health!

That is why tea-giving is such a great gift! It is healthy, everyone can drink it. And if you pack it yourself, it becomes even more special. I am obsessed with flowers this year, I do not know why..but I am. So this Christmas all my relatives are receiving a box of flower tea bags from me. They do not look too Holiday festive (maybe if I had left them white..) but they ended up looking gorgeous! Perfect gifts year round 🙂


  • loose leaf tea
  • dry herbs or fruit pieces ( I kinda was in a hurry so I brought pre-blended tea. Plus I really like these blends. I used all black tea blends: Peach, Rose and Ginger)
  • coffee filters
  • string
  • optional: food dye

Like the Facial Steam Flower bags: fold the coffee filter 3 times. Cut into desire petal shape. Here I cut into 3 different types to differentiate the 3 types of tea I have. I cut as shown below:

Unfold the filter and fill the center with tea. Look how pretty it is already!

Then all you have to do is to tie it up at the base of the center. Look how pretty they are all together!

Because my family is Asian, giving white flowers are not the best thing to do…so I decided to make new ones with some food coloring. I mix a few drops of yellow and red food coloring in a bowl of water.

Then I dip the “petal” coffee filter. I love how these turned out! the red stayed at the tip and the yellow migrated into the center. The only thing was waiting for them to dry! Just make sure you barely dip them!

The ombre colors looks so pretty! Hope you like these Flower Tea Bags💕💕






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