Holiday DIY Gift: Coffee Scrub

During the winter time, dead skin buildup is at its extreme. Why not send a yummy smelling body scrub to your love ones? Plus you most likely have all the ingredients in your kitchen cabinet!


  • Grind coffee, if you want less exfoliation, use finer grind..and no instant coffee!!
  • Sugar. I prefer using brown sugar
  • Oil, I used almond oil here but olive, grapeseed or any oil would work.
  • Cocoa powder (not pictured), at the end I wanted to it smell more hot chocolatey (I love hot cocoa in the winter) so why not? Plus more added skin benefits is a plus
  • Glass Jar: get some cute glass jars to put your body scrub in. I have seen more festive glass jars if you want it to be extra cute. But a good old mason jars works perfectly as well.

Add equal parts of grind coffee and sugar. (If you want to add cocoa powder, added it here)

Then fill container with oil. Mix and let the oil seep in. Add more oil. You MUST cover the dry ingredients completely with oil or else it would turn bad!

Volia! All done! It took only a few minutes to make, even counting the time needed to find the ingredients in your cupboard. Just make sure to make an extra cute note stating what it is and not meant for consumption!

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