10 Days til Christmas Guide🎄

Since the Holidays are coming up…I wanted to come back to blogging with a little Holiday cheer. If you are as busy as I am during holiday season. Well you may not have the time to brave the over-crowded mall or spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect gift. So why not make something instead? It is super thoughtful and unique since you can tailor it to the recipient.

These 10 days before Christmas I will share some super easy but thoughtful gifts you can give to family, friends and coworkers. Since you can whip up so many at once, you can even use them as party favors💕 So come back and check out what I have in store for you! I will make an index here for easy access.

In the mix, I will also include Holiday tips on throwing an extra special Holiday party with little to no effort! Because let’s be honest…it’s party season!!🎉

🎁DIY Gift Guide🎁

Holiday DIY Gift: Facial Steam Flowers


Holiday DIY Gift: Coffee Body Scrub


Holiday DIY Gift: Flower Tea Bags


🎉Holiday Party Tips🎉

Holiday Photo Booth


Hot Chocolate Bar


DIY Poop Spray


Wintery Diffuser Room Scents



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