Wish Formula C450 Bubble Peeling Pad (Body)





I am no stranger to peeling products. I absolutely love using them on my face, body, and feet. Peeling pads are rather new to me but the concept is pretty similar. Today I am testing Wish Formula’s C450 Bubble Peeling Pad. Careful tho, these are for the BODY. I did not know when I signed up for 0.8L campaign and was expecting to use it on my face. Thank goodness I like reading instructions..that would been bad!

On its packaging it describes itself as a “Dual Peeling System with Fermented Peeling Pad & Solution (Patent) removes skin impurities and dead cells. Pure Vitamin C 450mg and Fermented Botanical Extracts deeply absorb into resurfaced skin after exfoliation for Brightened & Glowing skin. It is designed to work as Professional Spa Program (Body Peel + Vitamin Treatment) but yet easy for everyone to use at home.” It highlights 5 of their ingredients and what it does: Vitamin C for anti-oxidant, Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing, Polyglutamic Acid (AHA) for cell revitalizing, Organic-7 for brightening and Fermented  Extract Complex 3 for Nourishing.

It is packaged the same way as a sheet mask. Careful with ripping it open though! There is a lot of product in here, especially if you accidentally squeezed the sponge in the inside. I had a bit of a foamy mess when I opened it.To use: Squeeze the sponge until it gets foamy. Rub the rougher side of the sponge on clean DAMP skin for 3-5 minutes. Then use the softer side (the side with the band) to pat the Vitamin essence into your skin. Rinse thoroughly.

To be honest this product is super fun to use! I actually loved rubbing the sponge all over my body, it was so foamy! I read that most people found the exfoliating side abrasive so I went extra light. But it did not feel abrasive for me at all. The softer side just felt so nice on my skin. When I was rinsing it off I was surprised how sticky and difficult to rinse off.Afterwards I did notice my dry spots where I usually accumulate flaky dead skin like on my knees and feet were smoother. Overall my skin was a bit smoother, but I do try to exfoliate my body once a week so the differences were not dramatic for me. It terms of brightening effects, I did not see any from one usage. Maybe if I do it more often?  Wish Formula website recommends using it 1-2 times per week for normal/sensitive skin, 2-3 times per week for dry skin and 4-5 times per week for oily skin. Overall this product provides soft exfoliation for the whole body in comparison to body peeling gels or enzyme washes. Also on various internet sources each pad can be use 2-3 times. I think this product will be more ideal for travel usage because of its convenient packaging and ability to last for about a week. If they made a bulk packaging where the liquid was separated from the sponge where I do not need to throw away the sponge after every usage, I would consider rebuying for daily use. I would repurchase if I need to exfoliate while traveling tho or when I am short on time. Using a more traditional peeling gel does get messy and is time consuming.




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