Favorite Body Cleanser: Body Wash and Peeling Gel

1) EO Shower Gel- I love how this is scented with essential oils so not only it smells amazing and have added skin benefits.✨✨✨ It comes in so many different flavors so there is one you are bound to like. This is one of the few bath products that both me and my bf loves and share. We went thru gazillion bottles of thisIt also does not irritate my skin and leave my skin feel refreshingly soft. I also love how committed they are to their product. They are made in small batches and are: organic, GMO-free, no added synthetic fragrance, cruelty free, and uses PCR plastic to reduce their carbon footprint.

2) Secret Key Secret Perfume Peeling Body Scrub- This works like peeling gels for face but now for the body. However DO NOT use on face because it is super strong.This really rubs out all that dead skin. I love using this a day before any event I am going to bare my legs or my back. It also works wonders on dry patches around your elbows and knees. Just say bye bye to dull looking skin. Remember to lotion after using!


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