YAY! I am back for Summer!

Oh my goodness…it has been quite awhile since I last posted. It feels super good to be back! I literally have the worst technology luck this past month or so. My laptop and cellphone both decided to give me the rockiest rollercoaster before finally leaving me for technology heaven. That meant I was unplugged for a good while waiting for my new phone and laptop to arrive.

At the beginning internet withdrawal was HORRIBLE. But after awhile it learned to love it. I was able to get so much stuff done! Plus I had more time to really pamper my skin. I never believed I have the type of skin to be able to sheet mask every day. (Yes I just use ‘sheet mask’ as a verb.) Truthfully the thought of all that moisture scares me. Most of the time if I over moisturized my skin will just become an oil slick. But after a month of trial and error I learned how to do it properly. And my skin loves every second of it!

Here is a picture of some of the mask I used this past month. Yup, I really used that many mask. I never used so many in a short period of time. I am so proud of myself! *pats my back* As you can see I love My Beauty Diary Masks.

I personally like how sheet masking gives me that extra boost of moisture and usually brightening effects, making my skin seem as “flawless” as it can without makeup.Because of that reason I  reserved sheet masking for the daytime, especially for special events. Since I only sheet mask in the daytime, it really limits what kind of sheet masks my skin likes. Usually the ones that are instantly brightening with moderate moisturizing properties. If it is slight more hydrating, my skin will rebel into an oily mess with enlarge pores and breakouts.

After trial and error I finally got to the point where I can benefit from daily sheet masking, sometimes both night and day! There were so many changes in my skincare routine that I cannot say it improved only because of daily sheet masking, but it definitely helped. 🙂

In order for my skin to benefit from the extra moisture, I had to make sure my pores stays clear. Every other day I would start off with a clay, charcoal mask, or some other type of clarifying wash-off mask. I also increased my exfoliation care (using my trusty enzyme powder and/or using AHA/BHA treatments daily).

Sheet masking at night is a new concept for me. But I realized this is the trick in order for me to use highly moisturizing sheet mask. I usually shy away from masks that are highly moisturizing or have milky white essence. But if I use it at night, my skin absorbs it well that by morning, my skin is no longer tacky.

This may be controversial, but I sleep will sleep with my sheet mask on. In order to do this, I layer it with my beloved silicone mask.I love that it warms my sheet mask (I hate it when my face gets cold, it makes me sneeze like crazy) and keeps the moisture. There are times  It actually does not stay on for that long, I swear move in my sleep more than exercising!

It never occurred to me to make notes of what I was using until last week so I will have some short notes of those mask in the near future. I will finish my “Spring Cleansing Series” first (which is now more appropriate to call it “Summer Cleansing” :/)



2 thoughts on “YAY! I am back for Summer!

    1. I love the silicone mask so much. I don’t think I would had sheet mask so much without it! But yea, I feel like it’s just such a taboo thing to say I put on my mask longer than 20 minutes..much less the whole night heh.


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