Memebox Easter Haul

Memebox had their Easter egg hunt and I couldn’t resist. I found the 20% off egg so I brought a few items that has been on my wish list for the longest time.

❤ Nooni’s Spring Water Root Energy Cleansing Water, Spring Water Sprout Smoothing Toner, & Spring Water Seed Essence Toner (Hehe I went Nooni crazy.)

❤ Reen Yungo’s Hair Cleansing Treatment & Premium Bird’s Nest Hair Cleansing Treatment (I heard great things about these shampoos. I have the serum and love it. Beautiful hair you shall be mine!)

❤ J.One’s Jelly Pack (This sleeping pack is suppose to be revolutionary so let’s test it out!)

❤ Ramosu’s Ampoule Set – Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate 100 (My skin love everything fermented. Can’t wait to finally try it.)

❤ Leader’s Stepsolution Aquaringer All in One Cleansing Oil Foam (This wasn’t on my list originally but as much as I love my double cleanse, sometimes laziness win. Hopefully this is a good substitute.)

Anyone tried any of these products? Would love to know how you liked them!


2 thoughts on “Memebox Easter Haul

  1. I think it might be the prettiness of your photo more than the products themselves but I’m so curious about all of these! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!


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