Life: New Year Resolution Ramblings


Happy 2016!

It’s still January so that means many of us are still making New Year’s resolutions or struggling to keep them. I am posting them a bit later than most because I struggle making mines this year. I swear I have re-write this 2 9 times already.

I spent a lot of time really thinking about what I accomplished and what direction I want to move towards. I had a stressful year in 2015; however I did not feel like I had accomplished much relative to that amount of stress. And now that I am near the end of my 20s, that feels like a wakeup call. I need some real change in my life to balance everything I want to do. Plus I just went to my High School Reunion and that reminds me I am not where I wanted to be 10 years from High School. Back then I believe I was going to invent a world-changing invention or find a cure for cancer. I was super motivated.

Do not get me wrong, I still am but in a different sense. And I have accomplished something things, just not noble-price worthy. I absolutely love my career, in a committed relationship and surrounded by family and friends. Plus I have a blog that I occasionally update about my crazy amount of hobbies lol.

As I got older, my priorities shifted quite a bit. When I was younger it was school, school, school. All I did was pushing myself to get good grades, joining as many activities as possible, and always planning something “useful” on every school break. I literally never had a full summer or vacation off. But now that I am older (especially as a health practitioner) I learn how important it is to just stop and enjoy the moment. However apparently I still need to learn how to unwind and that will be my main focus this year.

Resolution # 1: Less is more!!

No more over planning my days off to get thing done. I am going to let at least one day of the week to truly unwind. I realized if I just keep pushing, I just crash and literally become useless for a few weeks.

Resolution # 2: Take a vacation!

Friends around me know about this one. I really do not know how to do this; I do not like being away from work. At the same time I feel like I live in a box. I want to see the world. SO be ready for me this year 2016!

Resolution # 3: Dance silly in the morning!

I know this one is kind of an odd one. I just started doing this and it makes a huge difference on how I feel per day. I just pick a song and dance to it. I say dance silly because I can’t dance and look like a 5 year old. Currently I am loving Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” and Britney Spears’s “Crazy”; it brings back so many childhood memories! Must be all the crop tops I have been seeing.

Resolution # 4: Eat healthier!

I feel embarrass to say this one as an acupuncturist. I give so many dietary advice to my patients and sometimes I need to follow them. I do not eat horrible but my boyfriend likes to eat out and that can never beat eating home cooked meals. Plus a little to many Boba drinks.

Resolution # 5: Exercise!

It is not a New Year’s resolution without this one. I felt like my stress last year was contributed to my lack of consistent exercise. Consistency is key! My gym membership ends this year so I can (not guiltily) look into other types of exercises to try. I prefer non-machinery workouts.

Resolution #6: Maintaining my skincare!

My skin has never been better than it is currently. There are a lot of factors why it improved so dramatically but I can write a separate post on that. However since it has been so amazing, I got a bit lazy. BUT I do have quite a stash of facial masks. So I am planning a bit of spa-like TLC twice a week this year. So far my face and my mental health are loving it!

Resolution # 7: Becoming more organize!

Last year my stress been catching up with me and lead me to feel so overwhelm. That is when I realize how much organization lets me relax. Organize space, organize mind = less stress me. Although this kind of contradicts my “less is more” moto, organizing what to do really put my mind at ease. I was inspired to start using a hardcopy planner starting December and I have not been this productive since I was in school. I still love my e-planner on my phone that “dings” every event I need to attend, but having an actual planner where I can mark off every item I finish is so satisfying. Plus it’s not as frustrating to color code my tasks in a hardcopy planner compare to my phone’s planner.

The second part of becoming more organized is de-cluttering my physical space. This is going to be in small dosages because I am quite a hoarder. I craft everything possible and have so many unfinished projects (and its materials) lying around. My goal is to shrink my craft collection by half. Plus I love collecting cute items. I already limit myself to My Melody and Hello Kitty items and it is still out of hand. I am not a stuff animal person (thank god since most Sanrio products are in plush form) but I love figurines and I need to find a good way to display them without looking cluttered. And shoes, I like shoes a lot… (see what I mean about being a hoarder?! I shall stop here).

Resolution #8: Disconnect to reconnect!

I must admit, most of my social interactions are social media based. When I am stressed I reach out to no one (except my boyfriend) because I am not fun to be around. So all of last year, practically every social meeting was initiated by friends. I am so thankful for it or else I would officially be a hermit crab. SO this year I hope to reach out to friends at least 1 every…2 months? I need to take baby steps! Plus throw a get-together this year. I really want to host a theme party…oh the possibilities!

Resolution #9: Give more time to hobbies!

I call myself an avid crafter but I have not craft for fun as often as I want. I crafted a lot to make gifts for other people but have not done anything for fun recently. I hope to do at least one home décor item per month and lots of scrapbooking and jewelry making in-between. I rewarded myself with a sewing machine last year that has been collecting dust. So I hope to put that in good use. Anyone know some good sewing projects, tips, books, classes?

Resolution #10: Blog more!

Of course this was going to be on the list. I really hope to find myself in the blogging community. I know lifestyle blogs (especially ones that barely updates) are hard to create an identity to connect to other bloggers or readers. Plus my posts are quite sporadic; it is a little bit of everything but I created this blog to connect with other like-minded individuals. In the modern world, life can get quite busy and real life interactions are quite limited. Small talk while waiting in public areas is practically dead; everyone is on their phones! So this is my form of small talk, so please connect with me!

Phew that was some serious heart-to-heart for me! I hope you enjoy my ramblings and inspire you to some New Year Resolutions!


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